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The Vic is one of the most popular venues in the area for all kinds of functions from christenings, anniversaries or birthday parties to live music gigs or performances of all kinds.

Our function rooms and bars can cater for all your needs be they
afternon tea for a small group or a 60's and 70's fancy dress disco.

From jazz to rock via folk music and even folk dancing the Vic is a regular venue for live events.

The traditional Boxing Night Bop at the Vic is a long standing event and is by now a much loved fixture in the calendar.


Tuesday July 25th


Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge

From Eunice, Louisiana, the Vic is very proud to welcome the first family of Cajun music, the Savoy Family Cajun Band featuring the full stellar line-up of Marc Savoy (accordion), wife Ann (guitar and vocals), and sons Joel (fiddle/guitar) and Wilson (piano/fiddle/vocals), each one of them a superstar of the Cajun genre. The band have played at Presidential inaugurations, the Newport Folk Festival, the JFK Centre, Womad, the QEH in London and at festivals all over North America and the world.

Despite their worldwide acclaim and often being referred to as ‘Cajun Royalty’, you can imagine 70 year-old Marc Savoy, the patriarch of the clan, being none too pleased about that. Fashionable attention or pretentious branding just aren’t his bowl of gumbo. In fact, just about anything grand and fancy gets his goat. His heaven is just getting together with a bunch of friends at one of the legendary Saturday morning jam sessions down at the Savoy Music Center, off highway 190, just outside Eunice, Louisiana. “You play a few tunes, you go socialize, you drink some coffee. It’s fun!” he says. “It’s the fellowship involved in it. He is however rightly regarded as one of the kings of Cajun accordion, a world reknowned accordion builder, a recipient of the highest honor in the country for traditional artists, the honorable National Heritage Fellowship Award and that 's him playing accordion in the climax of Walter Hill's film 'Southern Comfort' !

Ann Savoy has appeared alongside her sons in Hollywood blockbusters ‘The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood’ and ‘All The Kings Men’ and is also a member of the Grammy nominated Magnolia Sisters. She recorded the Grammy nominated album ‘Adieu False Heart’ with Linda Ronstadt and another called ‘Evangeline Made’, also a Grammy nominee, with Ronstadt, Nick Lowe, John Fogerty and a huge cast of local musicians. As well as making and appearing in documentaries and radio programmes about Cajun music, she’s also written the authoritative ‘Cajun Music, A Reflection of A People’. Grammy award winner Joel Savoy is considered to be the finest fiddler in the genre. The legendary T-Bone Burnett, producer of the soundtrack to Cohen Brothers film ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’, once said “everything Joel Savoy touches turns to music.” Joel runs his own label, Valcour Records, as well helping his dad to build those legendary accordions. His brother Wilson (also a Grammy winner !) is a hugely accomplished pianist, fiddler and accordionist who also plays in the popular Pine Leaf Boys.

Put these four masters of their music and cultural ambassadors together onstage and you get performances which are expert, unpretentious, sensual, warm and inclusive, all at once. Perhaps that ‘fellowship’ which Marc talks about is what being Cajun is really all about. Laissez les bon temps rouler…let the good times roll!

"..Marc Savoy is..the finest Cajun accordion player of the era. He has impeccable taste, is creative without ever being affected, and plays as hot as anyone yet his playing always sounds very relaxed, as if he’s having the time of his life..." - Old Time Herald

"Ann Savoy is a keeper of the flame-the kind of girl Duke Ellington had in mind when he wrote “Sophisticated Lady”. She doesn’t imitate the past, she animates it-she makes dead men walk along a crooked line from the paddocks of Virginia to the swamps of Louisiana. She’s a blues singer. In French." - T Bone Burnett

"Joel Savoy is one of my favorite musicians on just about any instrument, but on guitar and Cajun Fiddle he is truly outstanding." - Old Time Herald

"Wilson Savoy is a powerhouse on the keyboard, whether it's piano or accordion." - T Bone Burnett

Doors 8pm. Tickets £14 available from Palas Print Caernarfon and Mudshark Records Bangor.



Wednesday August 23rdw


Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge

Michigan songbirds, Rachael Davis, Lindsay Lou Rilko and May Erlewine simply take your breath away. Since coming together, the three singing sirens and multi-instrumentalists whose repertoire swings from gospel and bluegrass to soul and even joyful interpretations of pop, have become one of the hottest properties on the circuit. With three-part vocal harmonies that are sublime, they trade instruments including mountain fiddle and banjo, uke, guitar and double bass. When they released their latest recording in the UK, it attracted much praise, AmericanaUK awarding the disc a 9/10 rating.

"Outstanding! This is top drawer roots music" - Rick Bayles

Doors 8pm. Tickets £12 available from Palas Print Caernarfon and Mudshark Records Bangor.



Wednesday October 11th


Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge

Front Country are an acoustic band born in the land of tech innovation. Cutting their teeth in progressive bluegrass jams in San Francisco’s Mission District and rehearsing in the East Bay, they learned to play roots music their own way, with the tools they had on hand. A mandolinist with a degree in composition and classical guitar. A guitarist trained in rock and world music. A bassist equally versed in jazz and bluegrass. A violinist with technique that could seamlessly hop between honky tonk and electropop. A female lead singer with grit and soul who was also a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. In a wood-paneled country dive bar in the shadow of the San Francisco skyline, Front Country forged a sound hell bent on merging the musical past with the future.

Last year the International Bluegrass Music Association singled out Melody Walker for their prestigious Momentum Award as one of the genre’s outstanding Female Vocalists of 2016. Those who caught Front Country in action when they toured over here for the first time last year were simply blown away. This is no ordinary bluegrass band; they play big, brave, invigorating music that is seldom encountered and when “Whispering” Bob Harris played tracks from their last release on his BBC 2 radio show, he told listeners: “This is currently the biggest band on the bluegrass scene in America.”

"Something special!" - AmericianRootsUK

"Exceptional" - folking.com

"Bluegrass that fizzes and sizzles – destined to be at the front well into the future" - Maverick magazine

Doors 8pm. Tickets £12 available from Palas Print Caernarfon and Mudshark Records Bangor.



Friday November 3rd


Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge

Anna and Elizabeth is a collaboration between Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth Laprelle and their growing acclaim springs from a shared quartet of talents: both are historians, storytellers, visual artists, and gifted, intuitive musicians—in combination, a groundbreaking approach.​

Inspired by the richness and tradition of the mountain music of Appalachia, Anna and Elizabeth gather songs and stories from archives and visits with elders. They bring these songs to life in performance with sparse, atmospheric arrangements using guitar, banjo,fiddle, and the uncanny blend of their voices in close harmony. They accompany their songs with stories—of the lyrics, of the singer, of the quest to learn the song—and they illustrate them in mesmerizing fashion. The two revive the old scrolling picture show, dubbed “crankies”—intricate picture-scrolls illustrating the old songs they sing, which they create in tandem with papercuts, shadow puppets, prints, and embroidered fabric.

Since Anna and Elizabeth met in 2011, their work has brought them to stages across the world, including the Atlanta Museum of Modern Art; folk festivals in Brooklyn, the Yukon, Chicago, Maine, and Uzbekistan as well as appearances at the Sidmouth and Cambridge Folk Festivals; residencies at universities; summer traditional music schools; and small theaters and folk clubs across the U.S. and U.K.

"They brought many of us to tears with some of the most yearning harmonies I've heard. These songs are given few embellishments — sometimes a fiddle is added to a single voice, sometimes a banjo or guitar chimes in — but always the power is in the sparseness. If you've never thought your tastes would lean to mountain music, take a deep breath and soak it all in." - Bob Boilen, NPR Music

Doors 8pm. Tickets £12 available from Palas Print Caernarfon and Mudshark Records Bangor.


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